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Advice and Planning

Optimal advice and planning are the key to the success of your IT project. Give yourself a head start by working with qualified professionals from Oniko AG!


Regardless as to whether you need temporary personnel or support for medium and long-term deployments. You are guaranteed to find the right candidate in our extensive network of qualified IT professionals in the fields of IT consulting, IT architecture, IT controlling and IT quality management. IT contract staffing from Oniko is the model for the future.

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IT Consulting

Professional advisory and consulting services for your IT.

IT consulting is an important component of any organisation aiming for sustainable success. Are you looking for support for the analysis and monitoring of your current IT infrastructure, the optimization of business processes or the development of efficient technology strategies?

Contract staffing for IT consulting

You will find the right specialists for your project in the Oniko network.

Employing specialists

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IT Architecture

The basis for successful IT projects

An intelligent and flexible IT architecture provides the crucial basis for any company seeking to optimize technology-based business processes. Are you looking for highly qualified specialists to optimize the organisation and structure of your systems and applications?

Contract staffing for IT architecture

Our pool of proven specialists will recommend the right candidates for you.

Employing specialists

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IT Controlling

Defining appropriate and meaningful IT key performance indicators

Defining and monitoring key performance indicators will enable you to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital processes. Our specialists in IT controlling have extensive expertise and will undertake the planning and implementation of IT controlling concepts for you.

Contract staffing for IT controlling

Whether for short-term assignments or comprehensive projects – Oniko will provide you with people with proven expertise.

Employing specialists

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IT Quality Management

Minimising the risk of error and downtimes

IT quality management is an important element in any modern organisation for ensuring and maintaining the highest standards of IT processes and systems. Do you lack the capacities for this? Bring Oniko’s expertise on board.

Contract staffing for IT quality management

We provide you with specialists to complement your QM team.

Employing specialists

Targeted, efficient and reliable IT with Oniko.

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Our approach to advice and planning

Having the right human resources are a crucial factor in the success of any company. The optimum mix of own employees and temporary reinforcements is an important step towards achieving greater flexibility.


The focus of our services is always placed on the needs of our clients. We work together with you to draw up the right profile of requirements in order to find the best possible candidates to fill your vacancy.


We not only cover temporary vacancies but also provide entire teams for medium and long-term assignments. Fast, expert and at a fair price.

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