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Design and Engineering

From software and system engineering to cyber security and data science: challenging tasks require qualified employees. We’ve got them.


Jobs involving the design and engineering of software and systems are demanding and time-consuming. Despite – or precisely because of – the importance of these business processes, experts in these areas are in great demand and correspondingly hard to find. Oniko has an extensive network of qualified specialists at its disposal.

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Software Engineering

Clever solutions for complex challenges

Software engineering is one of the supreme disciplines in IT. Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge of every phase in the software engineering life cycle and can support you by providing clever solutions to complex challenges.

Contract staffing for software engineering

Looking for support in software engineering? We supply specialists with outstanding knowledge and skills in state-of-the-art technologies.

Employing specialists

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Software Testing

Highest standard of quality for your software

Software testing is vital for ensuring quality assurance and user-friendly and error-free operation. Do you lack the internal resources for this key process? Our specialists cover a wide range of software testing solutions, enabling you to achieve the highest standard of quality for your applications.

Contract staffing software testing

Outsourcing your software testing tasks. We supply you with the best specialists for this purpose.

Employing specialists

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System Engineering

Pragmatic approaches to finding solutions

System engineering forms the basis for success in the planning and implementation of complex IT infrastructures. Are you looking for specialists to take your systems to the next level?

Contract staffing for software engineering

Take advantage of our outsourcing service for your system engineering and spend more time on your core business.

Employing specialists

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Cyber Security

Meeting your security needs

Cyber attacks are one of the greatest threats facing companies today. Do you want to protect yourself and your infrastructure against attacks? Our specialists in cyber security work together with you in combatting cybercrime.

Contract staffing cyber security

Protect your company from digital threats and add security professionals with expertise to your team.

Employing specialists

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Data Science

Gain valuable knowledge from data

Scientifically-based knowledge from extracted patterns and structured data enable companies to make data and fact-based decisions in the business process. However, data science projects are also time-consuming and resource-intensive. Let Oniko supply you with the manpower.

Contract staffing data science

Experts drawn from our pool of specialists possess in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in data science.

Employing specialists

Why contract staffing?

With contract staffing, our personnel are deployed directly at your location. We take care of all the administrative and payroll accounting work. Contract staffing has been implemented as a tailor-made solution in a large number of projects and is now available to you as a modular service. On request, we can add experienced specialists from the planning team, team leaders or new candidates to the project organization. We will be happy to explain the flexible options offered by our contract staffing in a face-to-face meeting.

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