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Operation and Support

Having expert support for your IT systems is crucial for your business success. Get the support of our experienced professionals on board.

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It's only if the IT functions reliably that your company will also function.

If your own resources are in scarce supply, operational and support tasks will often be neglected. It can be worthwhile for companies to outsource tasks such as application or change management, IT operations or service management and support or IT administration, enabling them to increase their own capacities. Oniko has specialists in its pool to cover all IT activities.

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Application Management

Efficient management of applications

Anyone who operates a comprehensive system of application management will sooner or later be faced with capacity problems due to the time-consuming planning, development, management and maintenance of applications. Why not outsource these tasks?

Contract staffing for application management

We provide application specialists with proven expertise and experience for every application.

Employing specialists

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Change Management

Making successful changes

When companies seek to introduce a change process, they must make changes as smooth as possible in order to avoid any negative consequences. At Oniko, you can rely on experienced experts to provide support and assistance for your company in change management processes.

Contract staffing for change management

Our specialists have extensive knowledge in change management which they apply on a targeted basis to make your organisation fit for the future.

Employing specialists

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IT Operations

Optimising IT management

We understand IT operations as being all tasks involving the planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems. Any company wanting their IT operations to be carried out with thorough efficiency, needs one thing above all: human resources. Have you already used your capacities to the full? Take advantage of the service offered by Oniko.

Contract staffing IT operations

We provide the right IT Operations Managers to increase the efficiency and security of your systems and minimize downtimes.

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IT Service Management

Supporting business processes

As a central organisation for IT services, IT service management ensures that all the systems in use meet your requirements. Our experts are there to assist you in the introduction, improvement and operation of your IT service management.

Contract staffing for IT service management

Oniko will supply you with professionals who will apply their expertise and experience to support your business processes.

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IT Support

Fast and expert help

Few tasks can be outsourced as easily as IT support. With the assistance of our support staff, you will be able to offer your customers fast and reliable help with questions and problems at all times.

Contract staffing for IT support

Focus on your core business by outsourcing IT support tasks. We will provide you with the best possible support team.

Employing specialists

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IT Administration

Professional administration of IT sytems

From planning to installation to the administration of IT systems – IT administration is a wide-ranging field of activity. Do you sometimes lack the necessary time for this task? Bring Oniko’s support on board.

Contract staffing for IT administration

In our network, we have qualified specialists for IT administration who will keep your systems operating smoothly.

Employing specialists

How to benefit from the principle of contract staffing

The principle of contract staffing gives you a flexible way to hire staff with specific skills or qualifications on a short or long-term basis without having to decide on a long-term commitment or take on the costs of hiring full-time employees. The advantages for you:

  • Short lead times for the recruitment
  • Flexible project management
  • Demand-driven capacity planning and billing
  • High level of flexibility for fluctuations in volume
  • No external access to sensitive data necessary
  • Costs permanently under control
  • Personnel administration and support through our specialists
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How can Oniko support you in this task?

Contract staffing is an attractive option for companies that want to respond quickly to business needs whilst at the same time saving costs and resources. We will be happy to advise you, with no obligation.

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