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Organisation and Structure

Especially in the fast-paced world of IT, organisation and structure provide the vital basis for a functioning operation. Put your faith in our experts for these important tasks and concentrate on what really matters: your business.


The optimal organisation and structure of your IT systems allows for the smooth cooperation between all areas of the company and prevents costly downtimes. Oniko helps you to provide the necessary human resources. Whether in the project management office, in business analysis, requirements engineering or in process and product management. See for yourself!

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People in meeting room at oniko personalverleih

Project Management Office

Optimal project management

The Project Management Office (PMO) plans, controls and monitors projects and consequently plays a central role within the company. The key tasks such as communication, risk minimization and cost optimization should not be left to chance.

Contract staffing for the Project Management Office

The commitment of expert partners in the PMO area will enable you to implement projects successfully and achieve your business goals.

Employing specialists

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Business Analysis

Success through sound business analysis processes

A detailed business analysis is key to the successful implementation of IT projects. Our qualified business analysts determine your company’s requirements and then implement these on a targeted basis.

Contract staffing for business analysis

Strengthen your team though the use of our BA experts. Working in close cooperation enables optimal analysis processes to be created for your company’s success.

Employing specialists

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Requirements Engineering

Understanding needs, achieving goals

Requirements engineering encompasses the systematic determination and documentation of requirements for IT projects. In order to achieve smooth processes and successful results, our experienced IT experts ensure that your needs are recorded correctly and in full.

Contract staffing for requirements engineering

Give yourself some breathing space and hire outside support for your requirements engineering from Oniko.

Employing specialists

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Process Management

Exploiting potential

Process management uses analytical methods to improve the management and control of business processes. Qualified specialists in this field are in great demand and therefore hard to find. Engagements based on the principle of freelancing or contract staffing are therefore common practice.

Contract staffing for process management

Would you also like to outsource your process management? Let’s talk about it!

Employing specialists

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Product Management

The route to becoming a market leader

Product managers develop strategies for successful product marketing – from launch to market leadership. Will you achieve all this in-house? We provide external product management specialists equipped with the necessary tools.

Contract staffing for product management

Whether an established brand or innovation: our talent pool has the right PM for you, equipped with the necessary skills to meet your requirements.

Employing specialists

The benefits for you with Oniko

The contract staffing model offers you a flexible way to hire professionals with specific skills and qualifications, on a temporary or permanent basis. The benefits for you are:

  • Flexibility
    Our offering enables you to react quickly to developments in your order situation and to respond flexibly to changes in the market.
  • Savings in time and costs
    You save time and costs because you don’t have to worry about recruiting your IT staff yourself.
  • Access to specialists
    Oniko has a wide-ranging network of IT specialists and is able to provide the required experts quickly and easily.
  • Reduced risk
    Working with us reduces your risk because you can react flexibly to market fluctuations and do not have to make a long-term commitment to employees.
  • Reduce the burden on your own team
    The contract staffing model supports you by temporarily providing you with additional human resources, reducing the burden on your own team.
  • Expertise
    Our employees are well trained and have extensive know-how and expertise in their respective fields.
  • Backup
    By partnering with Oniko, you ensure that replacements are available quickly and easily, including for the absence of your own employees.
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